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In this digital day and age, it is truly remarkable how people worldwide have gained easy access to the internet. Information is readily available in just a click of a button or a tap of a finger. For this reason, people around the world are spending a significant amount of their time online, be it to search for something, to stay connected with loved ones from different parts of the world, or to just simply have a relaxing and entertaining time browsing and watching videos online. In fact, almost 4.66 billion people were active internet users as of October 2020. That’s more than half the global population! It would be unimaginable to live in a world without the internet.

What’s even more remarkable is the fact that internet users are becoming more and more active in using different social media networking sites. The power and influence of social networking is tremendous such that the number of worldwide users is expected to reach some 3.43 billion monthly active social media users by 2023, around a third of Earth’s entire population.

Why promote your business on social media?

If you’re one of those who have been using social media for a while now, you’ve probably encountered sponsored ads or posts so effective that you instantly clicked on it and immediately engaged with the business page, especially if it’s a brand you like. The same goes with your target audience. They like engaging with brands they love and trust. But how do brands earn that consumer trust?

This is where social media marketing (also commonly known as SMM) comes into play. This specific digital marketing method aims to increase brand awareness and establish brand trust by building a solid social media presence for your brand.

To better understand the immense importance of promoting your business on social media, let’s take a look at these statistics:

of Facebook users say that they Like or Follow a brand on this social platform


of Facebook users state that they check their Facebook accounts every day


of Instagram users say that they follow a business on this social network, which also translates to IG users being keen on interacting with brands they like


of online marketers state that Instagram has been a very effective social media platform for influencer marketing

90 million of LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers, while 63 million of them are in decision-making positions.

By now, you should already have a general concept of how vast your brand reach could be if you take advantage of promoting your business through different social media networking sites, especially now that almost all of your prospects and existing customers are on social media. You can instantly reach out to them and easily introduce to them what your brand has to offer through different effective social media marketing campaigns.

At McNabb Digital, we understand that you as a business owner already have a lot on your plate (i.e. crucial business decision making). Managing these marketing campaigns would be such a gruelling and overwhelming undertaking. It would be wise for you not to attempt managing your social media posts and ads if you don’t have a clear picture on how to run an effective social media marketing campaign, as it can ultimately create a negative impact on your brand. Let us handle it for you.

Strenghten your social media prescence with our
Social Media Marketing Services

Grow your business’ brand awareness and brand loyalty, number of new customers, and website traffic.

Transform your online brand presence with fresh, well-targeted, highly engaging and customised social media contents.

Generate outstanding results with every cent you spend on a social media campaign.

Understand your customers’ insight and make guided business decisions.

Check upon your competitors and make your brand stand out from the rest.

Generate more sales while increasing customer satisfaction.

Social Media Management Services – Get more traffic & more engagement

With our Social Media Marketing Services, we will:

Create (if you don't have them already) & optimize your Social Media Profiles on leading social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

Assign a single account manager

Create contents with high-quality images branded with your logo or website URL

Create initial campaign strategy

Find the latest trending hashtags

Manage your engagements (10 responses per day)

Schedule relevant daily posts on all your accounts

Manage post promotion (Ad Boost Management)

Analyze performance and send you monthly performance results

Available for up to 2 hours of consultation per month


Maximise brand reach


Engage with the right people


Achieve social media goals